Primary Program

Winchester Montessori School Front

The Montessori philosophy begins long before the child enters the primary class, but it is where the “love of learning” truly occurs. The Montessori primary environment is composed of five basic areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language and Cultural Studies. All of the primary materials are designed to encourage and aid the child’s natural curiosity. The child has the freedom to choose work within this specially “prepared environment”.

The child in the primary class is given the freedom to choose work on his own. Because interest comes from the child, he will work without fatigue; often repeating an activity. Many of the materials found in the primary classroom are “self-correcting”. They allow the child to make a mistake and then correct the error on his own. Repeated trials are encouraged and the child completes the activity with a feeling of satisfaction. This sense of accomplishment fosters independence and positive self-esteem in the child. The knowledge of having done it “all by myself” is something that will stay with him forever.

Children learn to be respectful of the work of others in the classroom. Classrooms with mixed ages lend themselves to “mentoring”. Whether an only child, oldest or youngest, Montessori students love to work with others — sharing knowledge and showing others how to do specific activities. The concreteness and repetition of these activities lays the foundation upon which Montessori children will continue to build.

Students at Winchester Montessori School are recognized as individuals with unique abilities. The teacher to student ratio makes it possible for the adult to get to know each child and what will assure his optimum progress.